25 February 2016 - The company

Publication KPN Integrated Annual Report 2015

Today, KPN published its Integrated Annual Report 2015. In his introduction, Chairman of the Board of Management and CEO Eelco Blok reflects on a year in which KPN made good operational, financial and strategic progress.

Customer satisfaction levels continued to increase substantially, supported by investments in KPN’s best-in-class networks and innovative services. KPN delivered an improved financial performance in 2015 driven by the strong commercial performance in Consumer and a strict cost focus. Furthermore, KPN completed the sale of a part of its stake in Telefónica Deutschland. Together with the sale of BASE Company, which was announced in 2015 and completed two weeks ago, this resulted in a strengthened financial profile and an attractive return for shareholders.

KPN’s sustainability efforts have been recognized through inclusion in the world benchmark of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and the leading position on the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project). Furthermore, KPN became already climate neutral in 2015, five years earlier than previously targeted.

The agenda for KPN’s Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM) will be available on its website as of 2 March 2016. KPN’s AGM will be held in The Hague on Wednesday 13 April 2016.

Following the implementation of an amendment to the Transparency Directive in The Netherlands (Section 5:25a of the Dutch Financial Supervision Act), issuers of securities admitted to trading on a regulated market are obliged to disclose their home Member State. Royal KPN N.V., being an issuer with registered office in The Netherlands who issues shares admitted to trading on Euronext Amsterdam, hereby confirms that its home Member State is The Netherlands.

The 2015 Integrated Annual Report is available online at www.kpn.com/annualreport.