15 March 2016 - The company

Adjustments to reporting format

On 29 April 2016, KPN will be publishing its Q1 2016 results in an adjusted reporting format following the implementation of the new organizational structure with Frank van der Post (CCO) and Joost Farwerck (COO) managing Commercial and Operations respectively.

The new structure with a functional focus has been implemented to enable a more direct control of KPN’s operational activities and provide increased cost visibility. The main changes in the reporting format are the following:

  • Reporting segments


  • Consumer
  • Business


WholesaleNetwork, Operations & IT (mostly former NetCo)

Financial reporting

Elimination of internal revenues; Network, Operations & IT set up as a cost centerConsumer Residential and Consumer Mobile merged into Consumer segmentConsumer & Business operations (incl. field engineers) moved from Consumer and Business segments to Network, Operations & ITWholesale separated from Consumer Mobile and NetCoCorporate Center transferred from Other activities to Other The NetherlandsNew functional split in operating expenses

Segment revenue breakdown and KPI set

New bundle focused revenue split and KPI set for ConsumerBusiness revenue split and KPI set changed to reflect market segment approach

For an explanatory presentation including a full overview of the changes, and the restated facts and figures for 2014 and 2015, please refer to ir.kpn.com.