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KPN Skating Friends’ Day

On the ice together

Sport should be open to everyone. Also for people with a disability. That’s why KPN supports the Fonds Gehandicaptensport (Disabled Sports Fund). Together, we organize the annual KPN Skating Friends’ Day.

KPN has been supporting the Fonds Gehandicapten Sport for 8 years. KPN earmarks 1 per cent of its sponsorship budget as a ‘Fair Share’ contribution for the fund and uses it to organize the annual KPN Skating Friends’ Day. On this day, more than 2,000 children with a disability come with their family and friends to skate and to participate in activities on and around the ice. One of the most successful activities is the clinics run by former skaters, which help children to get acquainted with the sport of skating in a fun way.

The KPN Skating Friends’ Day is an initiative of the Fonds Gehandicaptensport in association with KPN and the KNSB.