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It belongs to us all

The collection of the country's most important museum is a source of pride and a national treasure. As lead sponsor, KPN regularly contributes to making these artworks accessible for everyone in the Netherlands. Also digitally.

KPN sponsors the Rijksmuseum because, as a leading museum, it has many parallels with our company. We both try to make contact between people as easy as possible. Between the public and artists, but also between friends, family or business contacts. What’s more, the ‘Rijks’ has a long history and is firmly anchored in society. KPN recognizes itself in this, too. The enormous collection of art and history is our national treasure and in some way the museum belongs to us all.

Hyper modern

As lead sponsor, KPN not only supports the Rijksmuseum financially, but in particular with ICT expertise. For example, the museum guides use iPads on their tours and visitors will find iPads in sub-collections that provide additional information about the artworks. What’s more, the Rijksmuseum’s acclaimed website is hosted by KPN. These are some of the ways we are making art accessible for everyone.

Less visible, but just as important are the large number of innovative products that KPN supplies in the fields of telephony, data traffic and data storage. In this way, KPN is helping the Rijksmuseum to achieve its strategy of being an innovative, state-of-the-art cultural institute of global significance. This means lots of work behind the scenes, but it's essential for reaching the top in the museum world.

The free Rijksmuseum app makes the art treasures digitally accessible

Rijksmuseum app

The Rijksmuseum app contains many options for viewing the Rijksmuseum collection, for example, from the comfort of your home. Through fourteen different tours you can discover the museum with an advanced navigation system. Scroll and swipe through the artwork and zoom in to the smallest details. E-tickets are also available and the entire collection can be seen under one button. With these options, the Rijksmuseum is extra accessible to everyone; before, during or after the visit.

The app can be downloaded for free in the App Store or Google Play and consists of: Tours, Rijksstudio with 340,000 images from the collection and E-tickets. Fourteen tours in nine different languages ​​are available. The Rijks App also offers an online tour in Dutch sign language.

Special moments

KPN has already created many special moments in the Rijksmuseum. An absolute highlight was the one-off exhibition ‘Late Rembrandt’. In 2015, more than 100 works made by the Netherlands’ greatest ever painter in the last phase of his life were brought together. Such a large retrospective of Rembrandt’s work from the most remarkable period of his life had never been seen before in the Netherlands. King Willem Alexander opened the exhibition, which attracted a total of half a million people.

KPN made the popular exhibition accessible online, so that the special collection could also be seen by those unable to get to the museum. Hundreds of thousands of visitors have been able to enjoy the paintings in an interactive way.

In addition, KPN regularly receives guests in the museum who have been invited by the KPN Mooiste Contact Fonds. People for whom a museum visit isn’t always obvious, including many elderly people. Accompanied by KPN volunteers, they get a tour of the highlights of the Rijksmuseum’s collection.

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