Corona Update 2020 EN

KPN statement and measures taken as a result of novel coronavirus

Keeping the Netherlands connected

The coronavirus has turned the world upside and our freedom has been exchanged for staying at home. The digital transformation of our country has gained momentum. We were working en masse from home, our children were learning online, we often provide care remotely and we’re facetiming, gaming, and streaming. As the network of the Netherlands, we are doing everything we can to ensure that everyone remains connected. From those in healthcare to homeworkers. So that we can keep helping and finding each other, even at a distance.

Our statement contains the measures that we are taking to protect employees and customers and to ensure the continuity of our service. We are keeping a close eye on the situation and will take further measures if required.

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KPN | Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Massive use of the network

Massive use is being made of our network all over the Netherlands from the beginning of the corona crisis. We saw a sharp increase and a shift in traffic within the network: more from home, less from the office. We also see a significant increase in mobile call traffic and a rise in internet traffic. Our network is equipped to handle peak load, which usually occurs at the weekends when we stream video en masse. We have not experienced any network problems due to the increase in business and consumer traffic.

The peak load on our network has now stabilized. Extra attention is being paid to the network performance for our customers who are working in healthcare. In any case, we monitoring the situation very closely and, as always, we monitor our infrastructure and that of our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our primary task is to keep the Netherlands connected.

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This is how we're helping our healthcare heroes

Our healthcare providers have been working day and night since the corona outbreak has impacted the Netherlands. We’re helping them where we can. For example, we have issued hundreds of tokens to doctors to make working from home possible. We’re supplying Zorg Messenger to hospitals so that Intensive Care patients can make video calls with family and loved ones. We have set up medical call centers and conference call options for hospitals and we’re making extra network capacity happen where necessary. As the network of the Netherlands, we’re doing everything we can to keep the healthcare sector and corona patients as connected as possible.

Helping the Netherlands stay connected

During the first months of the corona crisis everyone could use a helping hand. The health sector was under considerable pressure and the Netherlands was working and living at home en masse. This was why we offered various free services and supported many resourceful initiatives.

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Online learning

KPN is temporarily providing WiFi for children to help them with their schoolwork

Many schools have been working hard recently to get education up and running online. Children can continue to learn online, chat with their teachers, and the pre-schoolers had an online discussion every morning. KPN launched a special offer for children with no WiFi at home, because there is no money available for this. In this way these children are also included!

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Products and services

This is how we help our customers

As the network of the Netherlands, we do everything we can to ensure that we are and remain connected. This year, the Netherlands worked and lived at home en masse. To facilitate the working from home and staying at home, we offered a number of products and services available to our customers free of charge. That offer varied from making a number of free television channels available, not charging out-of-bundle calling costs for large business customers, free use of the KPN meeting platform and use of free virus scanners in collaboration with partner Trend Micro.

In the cultural field, KPN also supported a number of initiatives by offering art, music and other forms of culture online for free and (still) making them possible remotely.

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Contact with our customers

For contact with customers, we adhere to the regulations for "one and a half meters distancing" or we work remotely. This applies both in the consumer market and in the business market. We have arranged everything to be able to serve customers remotely, online via and by telephone.

Due to the second lockdown, a limited number of KPN stores throughout the Netherlands will be open by appointment as a service point. Stores have been adapted to help both business clients and consumers with inquiries about products and services in a way that is safe for customers and employees. Click & Collect orders can also be picked up in stores.

In addition to service recovery and connecting customers to our network, our technicians can now also visit customers again. Of course, here too with special measures, in accordance with the National Government's Safe Working Together Protocol.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and, if necessary, take follow-up measures or expand them where possible (again).

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Connected at a distance

Watch art or attend a concert from the comfort of your home

The Rijksmuseum is closed again due to the second lockdown. Nevertheless, you can view the art treasures on display in the museum from the comfort of your couch. Some now even with an explanation from the curators of the Rijksmuseum. In this way you will learn more about the stories behind the art. Take an online look and be surprised.

The Concertgebouw also has unfortunately had to cancel all concerts again. Online concerts are being organized for the coming period, including as part of Christmas. But you can also enjoy classical music at home with the special Spotify playlist. Watch musicians who perform at home and in the Concertgebouw and tell about how they experience this year.

KPN is a proud fan and sponsor of the Rijksmuseum and Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam.

It affects us all.
Keep your distance, stay connected.

The coronavirus has put the Netherlands in an exceptional situation. Read more about the corona virus and KPN here.

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